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Is weight reduction something you really want to do now?

First of all, I want you guys to know that I only make findings related to health issues and I'm not a medical Practitioner but I launched this post in order to share views about how to reduce weight. 
Often times we come across overweight folks and you don't know what is going on right on their mind. Some overweight people tend to be happy and cool with their weight while some tend to be uncomfortable and sad or worried about their weight but the key word here is "Decision". You need to decide what you want for yourself. If you like the way you are, its okay and if you don't, then do something about it. 
Having said that, If you are cool being overweight, you can ignore this article. You have every right to be any shape/size you choose. If you think that your weight/size affects you negatively, then you may want to consider thrashing out the issue. 

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  Note- Lowered self-esteem,anxiety and serious disorders such as depression and eating disorders are psychological consequences of being overweight. 
 So many overweight people feel they are most of the time being looked down upon and this is a psychological issue. No doubt the process of safe weight reduction takes time and effort but you can reduce and maintain your weight by making lifestyle changes that supports proper nutrition and physical activity. Maybe you never asked yourself this question "What actual amount of weight do I need to lose and maintain?" Well, A 5 to 10% weight loss can improve your health. 

To lose weight, it is vital that you burn more calories than you eat. Your genes, gender,age, and body composition immensely determine your Resting Energy Expenditure(The rate at which your body uses calories for basic body functions). 
Do you think it is possible to loose 25pounds in 4weeks? Well, I think its possible. I want you to try this out; 

- Ensure that in the morning on empty stomach you drink a glass of warm water with juice from half a lemon mixed with a teaspoon of honey and at lunch as well.
- You can as well use a strong Diet drink or Meal Replacement Weight Loss Shake and should only be used under close medical supervision.

    For safe weight loss, It is recommended that you lose no more than 1-2 pounds per week. To lose a pound per week, you'll need to reduce your intake by about 3500 or say 500 calories per day. Note- To attain a healthy weight, DON'T diet. Instead practice eating well and moving your body to serve you best long-term.

 I  would you to try out the following for a good weight reduction which I think is very essential;

- Ensure that that you eat a variety of plant-based foods,including plenty of fruits and vegetables. At each meals,ensure that you cover one-half of your plate with vegetables and or fruits, cover one quarter with whole grains and cover one quarter with protein. 
- keep a food and exercise diary.
- Eat regularly timed meals like breakfasts, as well as snacks  
- When you feel like you have eaten enough, Stop.
- Limit the amount of alcohol that you consume
- You should know your daily calorie and serving size "budget". Be careful of eating at restaurants because of their large serving size.
- Try to reduce the amount of time you view your Television or laptop screens to two hours or less per day.
- Eat your favorite high-calorie foods like desserts in smaller portions.

Alright let's move on!! Another important thing that must be taken into consideration when trying to reduce weight is "Physical Activity". I suppose you know that regular physical activity has many benefits. It can surely help with losing and maintaining weight,strengthening,shaping muscles,improving mood, etc.
I will quickly highlight three types of recommended physical activities that can serve as a tool controlling weight issues;

- Aerobic exercise
- Flexibility
- Strength-training

Once you have lost weight,maintaining your weight can be a tricky part. If you want to maintain your weight you cannot go back to eating the way you did before you lost those pounds. Haven lost some pounds now, you will need fewer calories to maintain your weight. You may need to experiment with the amount of food you need to maintain your current weight.

Importantly, ensure you eat plenty of nutrient-dense foods and keep exercising regularly. Note- You need to consult a dietitian before attempting a new diet. Products that promise rapid or effortless weight reduction will not work in the long run. I was on the Social media yesterday when I saw an advert about some "wonder" product which was said to be able to reduce weight, I didn't believe what I saw because according to medical research, there is no such thing that exist.

Finally, If you have any information,advise,testimonies,past experience,ongoing experience to share with us, please leave your comment and let us interact and share love. You can also subscribe to our email for newsletters right below. Ensure that you stay healthy. Remember they say Health is wealth.

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