Wednesday, 18 January 2017

NATURAL DIET TIPS : 13 Natural Ways To Stay Absolutely Fit.

I've always said to myself that good health and wellness is are key things that humans cannot do without. I've come across and heard about people who are wealthy and influential but are missing something in their life and as a result they aren't happy about it. What could they be missing? Well, The missing thing is good health. There is nothing as having a stable and good health. I personally think there is nothing as awesome as having a good health and being comfortable with your body. Well, they say Health is wealth. I don't think there is anyone on this planet who wouldn't wish for a healthy body and this got me thinking about writing some diet tips on how you can stay fit always. I guess you know that Dietary habits play a significant role in the quality of life, health and longevity as well as improving or maintaining optimal health plus we know that Health Agencies recommends that people maintain a normal weight by limiting consumption of energy-dense foods and sugary drinks,limiting red and processed meat and alcohol. You aren't aware about these? Ok I suggest you go do some findings about that.  
Okay Since we all know the advantages and importance of keeping a dietary habit, I think there is a huge need to stay on track. Now I will quickly proceed in explaining 13 Diet tips on how you can stay on track.


I would like you to consider this tip seriously and have it at the back of your mind that if you eat fewer calories than you burn, you'll loose weight even though this can be very challenging when you're hungry all the time. I'll recommend that you divide your daily calories into smaller meals or snacks and enjoy most of them earlier in the day and the last time you eat should be at dinner.    


As we all know, Proteins are essential nutrients for the body. They are one of the building blocks of body tissue and can also serve as a fuel source for the body,encourage fat burning and preserve muscle mass. 
So I'll recommend that you ensure that you include healthy proteins like seafood, egg whites, yogurt, nuts, cheese, soy or beans into your meals and snacks.


Okay this is a really cool idea and you should learn to give it a try. I think you could a dress or pant size in a year by eating less pasta or bread and eating more veggie. Researchers say that if you reduce the portion of starch on your plate and increase the the amount of vegetables, then you can save from 100-200 calories.


Well, there is not much need to say much on this as everybody knows that water is very essential to human body. Ensure that you drink a glass of water first before you munch those chips. And if you think plain water doesn't cut it, try drinking flavored sparkling water or brewing a cup of fruit-infused herbal tea. Just in case you don't know what herbal tea means, it can be referred to as any beverage made by soaking herbs, spices or other plant material in hot water and does not contain caffeine(Caffeine removed).


Of course you can enjoy your favorite food and don't need to drop those foods you like a lot but the key thing is that this must be done in moderation.


 Many studies have shown that if you skip breakfast, you'll loose weight, although other studies show that the opposite can be true.
Well, the thing is this; To loose weight, always make time for a health morning meal, like fruit, low-fat milk and importantly, high-fiber cereal( what fiber cereal do you take in?).


Okay if your weight loss exercise is not yielding a fast result, please don't get discouraged. I haven't seen any human who would tell that it took them a day to gain pounds. Maybe you haven't either. This also applies to Weight Loss. I haven't seen anybody who would say they lost some pounds within a day. So therefore, dropping pounds takes time just like gaining them did. Experts recommend setting a realistic weight loss goal of about one to two pounds a week. 
I want you to take note of the fact that if you set your expectations too high, you may give up when you don't lose weight fast enough.


Okay this might seem a bit difficult for you, huh? Well, they say "No Pain No Gain". I can categorically say that its a great way you can lose weight. It helps in sucking up and getting rid of those pounds.
I understand some people leave for work very early in the morning and that's the reason why I recommend that it is the first thing you do when you wake up. Ensure that you do a session of at most 5mins once you wake up every morning. After the first 60sec, take a 10sec break and continue, and do the same for the 3rd 60sec and so on. I suggest you don't exceed 5mins in order to save your energy for the day's work. Also,I'll suggest that you do this exercise exactly like the lady in the picture below.

Note-- This exercise also helps in reducing belly fats. It has helped a few people in my community and I figured it'd be a good idea to share it with you. Ensure that you carry out this activity every morning in order to get rapid results. Possible results could be in 2weeks.  


Okay this one might shock you because you probably haven't heard about it.
Well, Experts say dinning while viewing can make you take in 40 more calories than usual. Also, any other distracting activity like texting, driving, etc, during a meal can result in your eating too much.


Coffee drinking may support weight loss by increasing energy levels and the amount of calories you burn. I would like you to take note of the fact that Caffeinated coffee does reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by a whopping 23-50%.


Dishing meals in smaller plates is very important when you are on a journey of weight reduction. Using smaller plates help you eat less, because it changes how you see portion sizes.
People tend to fill their plates the same, regardless of plate size, so they end up putting more food on their larger plates than smaller ones.


Well, Everybody knows that spicy meals gives an instant lift to the taste quotient of the meal that would otherwise taste blend. Even though there are many beliefs that go against the spicy meal, spicing up the meal has many health benefits as well.
I'll recommend chili peppers and jalapeƱos which may boost metabolism and increase the burning of fat.


Have you ever thought about what difference an extra hour of sleep can make in your life? Well, it can probably make quite a lot difference. Studies have shown that the gap between just getting enough sleep and getting too little sleep may affect your health, mood, weight and even your sex life.
The amount of sleep we need as humans depend on various factors, especially our AGE.
For adults, 7 to 9 hours of sleep would be essential to the body. Kids between the age of 14 and 17 should get more sleep, like 8 to 10 hours.

So there you have it. I was just able to give you these few tips and I hope you will make use of it. It did help a friend of mine and it has also helped other people. If you think this post was helpful, you can leave a comment below and remember that you can subscribe for our newsletters below as well.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

A Cup of Coffee Vs Cup of Tea, Which is better for your health?

  This is indeed an interesting topic considering that although one of them of is the most consumed in the world, the other is also widely consumed worldwide. Experts say its hard to say which is better. That's because its difficult to separate out their different ingredients, their role in your diet, and their effects on different body systems.

Coffee is known to be a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans, which are seeds of berries from the coffea plant. Coffee is slightly acidic and can have a stimulating effect on humans because of its caffeine content. According to medical research, Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Brewed coffee from typical grounds prepared with tap water contains 40 mg caffeine per 100 gram and no essential nutrients in significant content.
Researchers have been contradictory as to whether coffee has any specific health benefits, and results are similarly conflicting regarding the potentially harmful effects of coffee consumption.
Researchers found that higher coffee consumption was associated with lower risk of death, and that those who drank any coffee lived longer than those who did not.
   A 2014 meta-analysis discovered that coffee consumption(4 cups/day) was inversely associated with all-cause mortality(16% lower risk), as well as cardiovascular disease mortality specifically (21% lower risk from drinking 3cups/day), but not with cancer mortality.  I would like you to take note of the fact that coffee caffeine may aggravate pre-existing conditions like migraines, arrhythmias and cause sleep disturbances.

    Tea can be described as an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over curled leaves of the camellia sinensis(a species of evergreen shrub or small tree who's leaf buds are used to produce tea). It is regarded as the most widely consumed drink after water in the world. A study discovered that the caffeine content of 1 g of black tea ranged from 20 to 28 mg, while the caffeine content of 1 g of green tea ranged from 11 to 20 mg, reflecting a huge difference.
It has been suggested that green and black tea may protect against cancer or other diseases such as obesity, but the compounds found in green tea have not been finally shown to have any effect on human diseases. One human study showed that regular consumption of black tea over four weeks had no beneficial effect in lowering blood cholesterol levels.
Even though there are other categories of tea like yellow and post-fermented tea, the most common are black, white, oolong and green tea. Researchers have discovered that green tea is rich in compounds like antioxidants, which can limit cell damage and boost the immune system.


     According to a critical care medicine specialist at the National Institutes of Health in United states, Eliot Miller, he and his colleagues looked at signs of heart disease in more than 6,800 people from different backgrounds across US. About 75% drank coffee, while about 40% were reported drinking tea. He said coffee didn't have an effect either way on heart disease but that was significant in itself.
Researchers say its difficult to pinpoint exactly how both drinks affect health. They also referred to coffee as a potential way to head off not just parkinson's but type 2 diabetes, heart issues and liver diseases.
Other researchers are asking questions about what role genetic and lifestyle play into the effect of drinking coffee or tea.
 According to Martha Gulati, MD Head of Cardiology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix, United states, some people's body process coffee differently than others. Meanwhile, a choice for tea over coffee might reflect other healthier behaviors.
Take note of the fact that no beverage or food will make or break your diet, the quality of your diet is always the sum of all parts.

Okay there you have it. I hope this post was useful to you. You can leave your comments below and make your thoughts known.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Signs and Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

 The early stages of Cervical cancer may be totally free of symptoms. If Cervical cell changes progress to cancer, you may begin to experience the following symptoms;

1. Abnormal vrginal bleeding such as between menstrual periods, after sex, or after menopause.

2. Moderate pain during Sexual intercourse

3. Abnormal virginal discharge

4. A massive unexplained change in your menstrual cycle.

    Symptoms of advanced Cervical cancer may include the following;

1. Loss of appetite

2. Weight loss

3. Anemia as a result of abnormal vaginal bleeding.

4. Leakage of the urine or stool into the vagina. This happens when an abnormal opening develops between the vagina and the bladder or rectum.
5. Pelvic pain

6. Back pain.

7. leg pain

8. swollen leg

9. Bone fractures.

  Those are the common signs and symptoms of Cervical Cancer it is important that you try your possible best to prevent these symptoms.
 I hope this post was helpful. Let us know your thoughts.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Can Cervical Cancer be Prevented?!

I suppose almost everyone understand and know what cervical cancer is all about and how deadly it can be. it is very important to have knowledge of the danger of something in order to take precaution.
 For those who have no or little idea about this silent killer, It is a cancer that arrives from the cervix which is as a result of abnormal growth of sells that have the ability to invade or spread to other parts of the body.

You will not experience any symptoms in the early stages but later symptoms may include vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, etc. You can check signs and symptoms of Cervical cancer here

    Well, I'll say YES it can be prevented but a well-proven way to prevent it is to have test(screening) to find pre-cancers before they can turn into invasive cancer. The most common form of cervical cancer starts with pre-cancerous changes and there are ways to stop the disease from developing.

An infected cervix

The first way to do so like I said is to find and treat pre-cancers before they become real cancers and the second thing you need to do is to prevent pre-cancers.
What sort of test should I have in order to screen for pre-cancers before they become worse? Well, The Pap test and the Human Papilloma Virus(HPV) test are the test needed and this test must be done on a reglar basis.  Most invasive Cervical cancer are found in women who have not had regular Pap tests.
This Pap test is being carried out in order to collect cells from the cervix so that they can be observed under a microscope to find cancer and pre-cancer. 

Now I would like to highlight and explain the things you need to do to prevent pre-cancers and cancers.

1.  Make sure you avoid contact with Human Papilloma Virus(HPV). HPV is known to be a virus that enters your body usually through a cut, abrasion, or small tear in your skin. It is transfered primarily by skin-to-skin contact with an infected area of the body. Although it can be spread during sex including Vaginal, oral and anal sex, sex doesnt have to occur for the infection to spread. All that is needed is skin-to-skin contact with an infected area of the body. which means that the virus  can also be spread without sex.

It is possible for a genital infection to spread through hand-to-genital contact. Maybe you have heard about the word "Wart". Warts are small rough and hard growths that are similar to the color of the skin. They usually dont show symptoms except when they are on the bottom of the feet where where they may be painfull when trying to walk. People that use public showers and work with meat are at risk of getting infected with warts.

Genital warts in male and female

* HPV in Women :
- Having many sex partners.
- Having a partner who has had many sex partners.
- Having sex at an early age( like age 15,16,17).
- Having an uncirmcumcised male partner.
Take note of the fact that one can have HPV for years and still have no idea or symptoms. You can avoid this virus by waiting to have sex until you are older 

* HPV in men : 
- Having many sex partners.
- Not being circumcised

2. CONDOM : Ensuring that you always make use of condom during sex is another thing you need to do to prevent pre-cancers and cancers. Even though they provide protection againts HPV, they dont entirely prevent infection. I made a little research and discovered that a reason why condom cannot totally protect is because they dont cover every possible HPV-infected area of the body such as skin of the genital and anal area. yet, condoms provide some protection against HPV and they also help to protect against other sexually transmitted infections. the same applies to female condoms but female condums are not as effective as male condoms.

3. Avoid smoking: People that dont smoke are on the right track of reducing the risk of cervical pre-cancer or cancer.

4- Ensure that you get vaccinated: It is very important that you get vaccinated because this is a very essential way to reduce the risk of some HPV infections. these vaccines would not treat an infected person, they only work to prevent HPV infection. The HPV Vaccines should be given before a person become exposed to the virus. they help to prevent pre-cancers and cancer of the cervix. 
There are some HPV Vaccines that are medically approved and recommended to help to prevent other types of cancer and genital warts.  How does the vaccine work? Well, it requires a series of injections(shots) and side effects are usually mild. The most common side effects are swelling and short term redness. 
For folks(22 to 26years of age) who have not commenced vaccines, or who have have started but not completed the series.
It is vital to know that vaccination at older ages is less effective in lowering cancer risk. it is also vital to know that no vaccine provides absolute protection to  all types of HPV. therefore, regular cervical cancer screening should be in place.

There you have it folks! thats a little about how to prevent cervical cancer and I hope the post was helpful. You can subscribe for our newsletter below. I want you to know that this is an interactive platform where we share thoughts and views about things that concerns health. I would love to know your thoughts on Cervical cancer, If you have any information, experience, testimony, You can share it with us by leaving your comment bellow.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Is weight reduction something you really want to do now?

First of all, I want you guys to know that I only make findings related to health issues and I'm not a medical Practitioner but I launched this post in order to share views about how to reduce weight. 
Often times we come across overweight folks and you don't know what is going on right on their mind. Some overweight people tend to be happy and cool with their weight while some tend to be uncomfortable and sad or worried about their weight but the key word here is "Decision". You need to decide what you want for yourself. If you like the way you are, its okay and if you don't, then do something about it. 
Having said that, If you are cool being overweight, you can ignore this article. You have every right to be any shape/size you choose. If you think that your weight/size affects you negatively, then you may want to consider thrashing out the issue. 

Before and after 

  Note- Lowered self-esteem,anxiety and serious disorders such as depression and eating disorders are psychological consequences of being overweight. 
 So many overweight people feel they are most of the time being looked down upon and this is a psychological issue. No doubt the process of safe weight reduction takes time and effort but you can reduce and maintain your weight by making lifestyle changes that supports proper nutrition and physical activity. Maybe you never asked yourself this question "What actual amount of weight do I need to lose and maintain?" Well, A 5 to 10% weight loss can improve your health. 

To lose weight, it is vital that you burn more calories than you eat. Your genes, gender,age, and body composition immensely determine your Resting Energy Expenditure(The rate at which your body uses calories for basic body functions). 
Do you think it is possible to loose 25pounds in 4weeks? Well, I think its possible. I want you to try this out; 

- Ensure that in the morning on empty stomach you drink a glass of warm water with juice from half a lemon mixed with a teaspoon of honey and at lunch as well.
- You can as well use a strong Diet drink or Meal Replacement Weight Loss Shake and should only be used under close medical supervision.

    For safe weight loss, It is recommended that you lose no more than 1-2 pounds per week. To lose a pound per week, you'll need to reduce your intake by about 3500 or say 500 calories per day. Note- To attain a healthy weight, DON'T diet. Instead practice eating well and moving your body to serve you best long-term.

 I  would you to try out the following for a good weight reduction which I think is very essential;

- Ensure that that you eat a variety of plant-based foods,including plenty of fruits and vegetables. At each meals,ensure that you cover one-half of your plate with vegetables and or fruits, cover one quarter with whole grains and cover one quarter with protein. 
- keep a food and exercise diary.
- Eat regularly timed meals like breakfasts, as well as snacks  
- When you feel like you have eaten enough, Stop.
- Limit the amount of alcohol that you consume
- You should know your daily calorie and serving size "budget". Be careful of eating at restaurants because of their large serving size.
- Try to reduce the amount of time you view your Television or laptop screens to two hours or less per day.
- Eat your favorite high-calorie foods like desserts in smaller portions.

Alright let's move on!! Another important thing that must be taken into consideration when trying to reduce weight is "Physical Activity". I suppose you know that regular physical activity has many benefits. It can surely help with losing and maintaining weight,strengthening,shaping muscles,improving mood, etc.
I will quickly highlight three types of recommended physical activities that can serve as a tool controlling weight issues;

- Aerobic exercise
- Flexibility
- Strength-training

Once you have lost weight,maintaining your weight can be a tricky part. If you want to maintain your weight you cannot go back to eating the way you did before you lost those pounds. Haven lost some pounds now, you will need fewer calories to maintain your weight. You may need to experiment with the amount of food you need to maintain your current weight.

Importantly, ensure you eat plenty of nutrient-dense foods and keep exercising regularly. Note- You need to consult a dietitian before attempting a new diet. Products that promise rapid or effortless weight reduction will not work in the long run. I was on the Social media yesterday when I saw an advert about some "wonder" product which was said to be able to reduce weight, I didn't believe what I saw because according to medical research, there is no such thing that exist.

Finally, If you have any information,advise,testimonies,past experience,ongoing experience to share with us, please leave your comment and let us interact and share love. You can also subscribe to our email for newsletters right below. Ensure that you stay healthy. Remember they say Health is wealth.